President's Message

On behalf of the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce (VACOC), its Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Committee members, Volunteers and Business Members, welcome to our website! 

As I enter into my fifth year on the Board and my first year as the Chair of the Board, I look forward to the challenges AND opportunities the future will bring for the Chamber's communities and the businesses which the Chamber serves. 

When we talk about America’s AAPI communities, we are talking about the industry and entrepreneurship of people who have helped build the United States of America for centuries, from business to science, academia, law and more. The aspirations of these great peoples have reached far beyond anything that our ancestors could have ever dreamed of and have helped usher in an era of unmatched prosperity for our communities.

The VACOC is no exception. Our organization and membership have roots that span the globe and embody a rich diversity, with stories of striving for success that are uniquely American. As we thrive within our communities we will continue our pursuits for the betterment of the greater whole. 

The VACOC has amazing values! Your VACOC membership not only entitles you to a lengthy list of direct benefits and services for your business, it also links you to the communities we serve and opens the door to relationships you won’t find anywhere else.  That’s really what the Chamber is about – building relationships.  Our Chamber will continue to be committed to supporting our businesses and communities.  By working together and joining hands to create a successful and purposeful business climate, we can move forward and prosper.


Gia Ly, MBA
Chair of the Board
Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce