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Percent of Asian-Owned Businesses by Groups and ReceiptsIn an increasingly specialized job market, there is a growing need for instruction in higher education that focuses on current business opportunities, specifically around corporate diversity programs and international commerce.

It is also known that there is a great need to develop Vietnamese American businesses, alongside other minority groups in business development and higher education.

In partnership with educational institutions in California, we have established the “Global Supplier Initiative” (GSI), which is comprised of a broad-based group of U.S. companies, trade associations, and industry groups who will work to support the U.S. Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP), which will help to increase American exports and support American jobs by training the next generation of business leaders on creating sustainable enterprises that focus on this international trade market.

StudentThe curriculum of GSI:

    • Explores the complex business landscape of each of the TPP countries and the goods and services American companies can provide them.
    • Covers traditional trade agreement components, including industrial goods, agriculture, and textiles as well as rules on intellectual property, technical barriers to trade, labor, and environmental concerns.
    • Introduces students to regulatory differences within TPP countries and their implications for U.S. companies operating in these markets.
    • Presents viable methods for innovative, job-creating small- and mediumsized enterprises to participate more actively in international trade.
    • Engage experts in discussions regarding new, emerging trade issues such as: trade and investment in innovative products and services, as well as the role and challenges of competing with and doing business with state-owned enterprises in the Trans-Pacific marketplace.
    • Teach ways to engage potential investors and obtain funding in innovative, job-creating sectors.
    • Assist in business,financial and strategic planning to penetrate the markets available under TPP.

Our scholarship fund assists in providing seats for small businesses to attend this development program.

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